"The trademark assets of Oriental Waiora" successfully landed in Hongkong Huaxia (China) intellectual property trading center

One-stop service providers of the wisdom health care and health pension chain with service as a support and filial love as the core

Good vision

Lead health and maintenance market, create century endowment brand; talk about filial piety and love, change the world!

Jiangsu Oriental HuiLe Health Technology Co., LTD.

The headquarters of Oriental HuiLe is located in the beautiful Jiangyan, Taizhou, Jiangsu. The company is committed to the Chinese filial piety career, and comprehensive health maintenance and retirement institution integrating health management service, health education and consulting service, health care service, health product sales, health maintenance and retirement service, tourist information consultation, hotel investment management as a whole.
Orient HuiLe takes “carrying forward the culture of filial love, and setting up the happy homeland of old man” as duty, with the innovative concept of “circular endowment”, “industrial endowment” and “wisdom endowment”, “entrepreneurial endowment”, to comprehensively build the community wisdom chain endowment service platform, so as to provide comprehensive community elderly service with new and sustainable development including health management, day care, culture and entertainment, health care, long-distance travel, legal aid, secure financial management, psychological counseling, love to help others, goods distribution and so on for the old, and to achieve good vision of “being secured, being kept, being loved, travelling, making achievement, having fun when getting old”!