The trademark assets of Oriental Waiora

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On the afternoon of March 22, 2017, the original share ceremony of "trademark assets" of Oriental Waiora was held in the Shanghai Green Conference Center. It invites many guests including Li Sheng who is the chairman of Jiangsu Yuci Intellectual Property Service Co. Ltd., Ma Guolun who is the operating officer in that company, Liu Rui who is the vice president of Huaxia (China) Intellectual property trading center, Jin Zirong who is the business director of that company, Tao Jinhai who is the chairman of Jiangsu Oriental Waiora health technology Co. Ltd., Xu Huimin who is the former party secretary and vice president of Shanghai Economic Research Institution, Zhou Guiguo who is the former president and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Zheng Meiji Listed Company, Wu Zhixiang who is the chairman of Shanghai Zhongyu International Trade Co. Ltd. And Haipurong Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Jianhong who is the president of Malaysia ANN construction development Co. Ltd., Zhai Biyu who is the president of the chamber of Commerce of Anhui Chaohu (Shanghai) and filial love inheritance entrepreneur, Quan Guohua who is President of Asset Management Co, Li Xuezhen who is the vice president and chief marketing officer of Oriental Waiora and general manager of Changzhou branch, Chen Aimin who is the President of Innovation Institute of Oriental Waiora and chairman of HAibei Education Group, the urban operators of Oriental Waiora and the general manager of Service Center for the elderly. As the well-known domestic brands of aged support landing capital markets, Oriental Waiora receives the attention and support from the various circle in the society, and the number of participants mounts up to about 400.

As an important intellectual property, trademark has become an important strategic resource for enterprise and national development and a powerful driving force promoting the development of the market economy. In a certain degree, it represents economic strength, development level and overall image of an enterprise, a region and even a country. It is not only the intangible assets of the enterprise, but also the resources and wealth of society. Trademark investment accompanying with the trademark has been in steady development. Under this background, Oriental Waiora actively promote the brand construction, and actively promote the brand market. Since it founded, Oriental Waiora prepared well in the aspects of respecting intellectual property rights, promoting the transformation of intellectual property, and intellectual property securitization. According to the trademarks of "Oriental Waiora", "walking home", "enjoying the old life constantly", "Youth", "rifles" and the theme of Logo which are applied for the core business serving the old, it has passed the approval of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and registered successfully; The successful registration of trademark can effectively protect, inherit and develop the core culture of Oriental Waiora, which is of great significance to promoting the development of filial love. And its brand value is extraordinary!

Tao Jinhai, the chairman of Oriental Waiora first delivered a speech. He described the brand value and connotation, and said they would continue to adhere to the cultural ideas of "Five Heart" and further develop filial love! He said in his speech hoping that people in Oriental Waiora can take it as an opportunity to enhance brand awareness, create and protect itself. It makes the trademark brand with capital value and at the same time with humanistic significance of the deeper connotation. It opens the rodes not only for the intellectual property securitization of "trademark assets" but also for the exploration and surpass of self value of people in Oriental Waiora.

A trademark is a kind of information resources with the function of creating value. Through extensive publicity of it, trademark was known to consumers, and then developed the market and brought benefits to the enterprise. Liu Rui, the vice president of Huaxia (China) Intellectual Property Trading Center, described the prospect of intellectual property trademark assets and significance of it to the development of enterprise. She pointed out that the trademark embodies the wisdom and labor of the enterprise, and is an important intellectual property; it is a kind of intangible property producing profit from time to time. The trademark is a sharp weapon for the enterprises in the market competition. Ma Guolun, the operating officer of Jiangsu Yuci Intellectual Property Services Co. Ltd., introduced the opening account guidance and trading system of the Huaxia (China) Intellectual property trading center.

At the meeting, Zheng Meiji who is the president of original state-owned listed companies, Zhou Guiguo who is the deputy secretary of party committee and a NPC delegate, Zhou Jianhong who is the president of Malaysia ANN Construction Group have a speech successively.

Where there are brands, there is brand innovation. In the era of market competition, the brand will be aging and enterprises will decline without innovation. The enterprise must unswervingly promote brand innovation, and provide an important source of power in order to enhance the competitive advantage. Chen Aimin, the chairman of Shanghai Haibei enterprise management Consultants Co. Ltd., a famous consultant, trainer and youth mentor shares the theme of the book Innovation Making Brand Investment Value Prosperous with guests!

At the end of the meeting, chairman Tao Jinhai expounds the value of trademark as intellectual property vividly from many aspects including the background of national policy, high cost of domain recovery, Forbes brand rankings and brand value of Oriental Waiora.

This activity is the original share ceremony of "trademark assets" of Oriental Waiora. During the meeting, leaders together lighten the starting ball and declare that the road for intellectual property securitization of trademark assets is opened. The successful list of its trademark plays a decisive role in the improvement of brand value of Oriental Waiora and also in providing new opportunities for the development of Oriental Waiora.