Recently, the State Council issued the "national aging development and pension system construction plan in the 13th Five-Year Period", which determines the guiding ideology, basic principle, development goals and main tasks to promote the development of the cause of aging and pension system construction the "13th Five-Year" period. Aged support is a problem of people's livelihood which need us to continue to break and solve, but is also an important field speeding up the development of service consumption and releasing the potential of domestic demand. Now, the most urgent thing is to explore the path to achieve "sense of security". Oriental Waiora has always been walking in the field which can provide  more diversified pension services to old people for ten years. It creates a truly one-stop service provider of the wisdom health care and health pension chain with service as a support and filial love as the core.

In order to complete the construction of the wisdom chain pension service base and create the "three-in-one" pension services compound which leads the industry, is available to all old groups and covers the whole life cycle, Oriental Waiora enhances the connotation of pension service and makes the sustainable development of a new industrial path. It has been made efforts to provide more refined and diversified pension service and products suitable for the old. Currently, the health care service center for the old in various forms has been constructed in Jiangyin, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Zhuzhou and other places. On March 12, Oriental Waiora signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Changzhou Hotel. Then, the project "the sanitarium in Changzhou Hotel of Oriental Waiora" was officially put into effect which was witnessed by Shi Youchun who is director of the base center of business school in Nanjing University, Xu Jian who is the producer of Jiangsu education television channel, Xu Jiaping who is the chairman of Zhongrong assets, Xie Yibin who is the chairman of Changzhou Hotel, Tao Jinhai who is the chairman of Oriental Waiora, Li Xuezhen who is the vice president and chief marketing officer f Orient Waiora with representatives of shareholders from various pension services market, as well as media organizations including Changzhou TV station and Changzhou daily.

Chang Bin Sanitarium Project is located in Tianning Distract in Changzhou city (near the former Changzhou municipal government). It is in the west of Hualong Lane and the east of Linling Middle Road and near the Bureau Front Street Primary School and  social security building of Changzhou city in the south, divided by Shizi Street with the family member courtyard of the municipal government in the north. It takes two minutes from the project address to Changzhou First People's Hospital and five minutes to the Second People's Hospital, the City Center Hospital, 102 hospital, Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the shopping center, the new century, Pacific department store, Raymond cinema in the south street and Luqiao market. There are a number of bus lines near the project address and line one and two of subway are under construction, so the traffic is convenient. In the first phase of the project, the total area is about 20000m². On the original basis, it reconstructs some areas suitable for the old including the main building, road and parking lot. It designs more than 450 nursing beds with an actual total investment of 5000 yuan. The project will set up eight functional community center including community schools for the elderly, the elderly health management center, the display area of elderly health supplies as well as intelligent life platform with many client sides and 25 kinds of international advanced medical care equipment to ensure the happy life of the elderly.

The successful operation of this project will bring huge social benefits: 1) it will alleviate the grim situation of aging population in Changzhou, assist the government to actively deal with risks and challenges of population aging, and provide multiple-leveled, diversified and systematic pension service for the elderly in Changzhou City in order to fully meet the aged people’s demand; 2) it can provide a large number of employment opportunities for the state government, which is conducive to social stability and to further enhance the overall quality and level of life of the city residents; 3) it can further reduce the burden of old people’s children, reduce family conflicts and relieve the menace from the rear in order to put more energy into economic and social development. 4) it will regard "provincial demonstration project, the domestic outstanding project" as the development goals to play a leading role in the endowment service industry in Jiangsu Province, further improve the service level of the province, integrate various resources, improve the upstream and downstream industry chain, and make due contributions to the development of China's aging industry.