In March when the grass was green and the tree was with thick leaves, chairman Tao Jinhai and his staffs of the department of product development, operations services, tourism and health came to the historical and cultural city -- Jixi in Anhui province.

Jixi, the birthplace of Huizhou culture, is regarded as "the town of cook"; Jixi, the birthplace of the Silk Road, is the starting point of One Belt and One Road; Jixi is the hometown of celebrities including Huimo master Hu Kaiwen and the Red Top Hu Xueyan; Jixi has picturesque scenery. If one has a walk in the country’s stone road, walks through stone arch bridge across the Xi River and goes there and back cottages in Anhui style, he must be filled with comfort and warmth. Because of the formal general secretary Hu Jintao, Jixi formed a special relationship and had the source of harmony with Jiangyan where the headquarter of Oriental Waiora stands!

Laomo Industrial Company Ltd., the famous private enterprises in Jixi, concludes catering, accommodation, tourism and leisure. It has created bases and projects such as Laomo Business Hotel, Laomo Hotel of Anhui Business, Laomo Travel Agency, Sunset Red Elderly Service Center, Laomo E-Commerce, Ecological Farm with five thousand acres and Cultural Park of Anhui Cuisine. It is currently establishing a health center combining medical care and health care; Chairman Ma Laomo is the leader of "the hometown of Anhui cuisine in China". He won many awards including "China’s gold kitchen award", "green raw material base of Aihui cuisine in China", "ten best suppliers of raw materials of Anhui cuisine in Anhui province", "special contribution awards for Anhui cuisine entering into Beijing", "ten famous Anhui cuisine in China", "Ten outstanding food and beverage brands in Anhui province" and so on. His "Laomo braised meat" is well known at home and abroad. Today, Laomo Group cooperates with Oriental Waiora!

Before the ceremony of cooperation, the two companies exchange their ideas. After listening to the introduction of the project in detail made by the leader of operation service department in Oriental Waiora. Chairman Ma share his opinion: I like cooking delicious food which requires love, similar to doing things. It is not the condition that one who want to do will do well. The pursuit of my life is cooking food which is delicious, specialized, artful and wholesome! The cultural of delicacy in our company is relative with the health pension idea of Oriental Waiora. We are willing to work together in the strategic cooperation to spread Anhui culture, develop health delicacy for the old and dock government resources. I believe it is the perfect combination! The chairman  of Oriental Waiora Tao Jinhai said that the two sides will not limited to simple tourism cooperation "once in a lifetime", but to do the multi depth link for a life, producing the effect of long tail value. With the Internet thinking, we constructed the sharing economy to realize mutual prosperity!

After the signing of cooperation, the project Filial Piety Full of the World of Oriental Waiora will lead more old people into Jixi, making a sightseeing tour and talking about filial love to change the world!