On February 24, 2017, Oriental Waiora signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu television education channel to jointly build a column program with cultural product in innovative pension industry which is with far-reaching communication value and influential. Tao Jinhai, the chairman of Oriental Waiora in Jiangsu and Xu Jie, the producer of Jiangsu television education channel attended the signing ceremony and signed on behalf of both parties; They said: both contracting parties have a common goal and vision. There have a good basis and broad space for cooperation in the development field of China pension business. This strategic cooperation is a exploration and attempt of win-win cooperation, enlarged effect and establishment of a new platform. It will promote the development of new areas and create a new propaganda heights of the development of innovative pension industry of Oriental Waiora.

Jiangsu education channel is the mainstream media and the second biggest channel under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu television station with the advantage of authority, wide influence and high ratings; Jiangsu Oriental Waiora Health Technology Co. Ltd. is a well-known enterprise group providing a full range of services for the elderly. In order to achieve brand worship, make pension service with comprehensive services and market chain  benefit the society and promote healthy and sustainable development of the pension industry in Jiangsu, the two sides agree with the strategic partnership among strong organizations and achieve win-win development concept through in-depth, earnest and pragmatic exchanges, communication, and negotiation, deciding to jointly launch column programs, comprehensively display the positive life style of the old people in Jiangsu and Oriental Waiora. It sends the most valuable entertainment and spiritual feast to the elderly in the community.

After the cooperation, Jiangsu education channel will carry out professional planning, filming and production focusing on the column program "Waiora Yingling"(tentative) worked out by both sides. It will broadcast weekly which comprehensively display the happy life style of the old in Jiangsu and fully spread the idea of "leisure health care, enjoy the old life constantly", “with a code in hand, make the old life happy in wisdom","a house in one place means houses in the country". It also continues to show the scene that the old of Oriental Waiora actively join and enjoy the happy life on the chain platform "walking home", and show the enterprising spirit to actively serve others. Meanwhile, relying on the advantage of Jiangsu education channel, it sets up column branches in 13 provincial cities in order to enter into the community to carry out a series of activities which serve the old, including the organizing community cultural activities, promoting the culture of filial piety, advocating health into the community, selecting the advanced individual who is filial and conducting community cartoon to help the elderly meal. Create value together and achieve a win-win symbiosis.