The construction of urban operators and community wisdom center for pension service is the strategy of Oriental Waiora in 2017 for enlarging the service for old people to benefit more of the elderly. Since the new plan announced, the community responded enthusiastically. Persons with breadth of vision from different area try to understand Oriental Waiora through various channels or directly to the headquarters of it in Taizhou and operations center in Shanghai. They are committed to cooperate and jointly build a chain service platform for the old in order to benefit Chinese elderly.

On February 14, 2017, the franchisees in Wuxi and Jiangyin, two beautiful cities in Jiangnan area, rushed to the Elderly Service Center in Shanghai Community of Oriental Waiora in order to sign with chairman Tao Jinhai and pay franchise fees. They officially became the first joining operators of Oriental Waiora. Let us congratulate them: Ms. Chen Dong Ying, the Jiangyin community operators, No. D0039. Mr. Ye Lu, the Wuxi municipal operators, No. D0040! Sincerely welcome them to join the construction team, become business partners of Oriental Waiora working on promoting filial piety. Let’s together create a healthy ecological platform, make a sightseeing tour, talk about filial love, and change the world!