A poem goes that "people don’t need to wear thick clothes in winter and they wearing cotton in summer will not sweat in Kunming. Plum blossoms full of scent in winter, and the leaves are thick in new year." No matter from which point to view Kunming, it must bright spring days. On 17 January 2017, Kunming Health Resort Base of Oriental Waiora is officially listed in Kunming Boan Hotel. A saying goes that "choosing a city to live until die with your lover". So, you can live a life with your beloved in the most beautiful spring city Kunming! The most comfortable life is so.

On that day, Mr. Tao and his companies were invited to visit the Chinese medicine town Baicaotang which was known on the forum of Hongxiao public welfare. It follow the strategy of "health Chinese". According to the relevant national and local policy guidelines, combining with the demand of the development of market economy, it takes full advantage of Yunnan's unique natural environment resources, and focus on the pension and health industry to create a industry chain of Internet and medicine with a system of "great health, big data, platform and service". But Oriental Waiora has been practicing filial love and constantly looking for better, more convenient, better health care services for happy life of Chinese elderly to build a comprehensive community wisdom platform of pension service chain and to create the professional health care and pension service platform with high-quality services for sure with many cottage quality projects such as Baicantang. Owing to the same target and direction, after examining the scene, Tao Jinhai signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Li Yumin, the chairman of Baicaotang which was witnessed by Zhou Yumin and Duan Lian who is the Secretary of the protection center of Chinese cultural heritage of the Ministry of culture. In future, the two sides will work together, focus on the establishment of the core value system of filial love. Facing the domestic, Southeast Asia and even the world, they will make the project become an international one under the title of "Chinese medicine health pension and health care".