If you want to experience the soft and slow time, come to Lijiang; If you want to see the scene of birds returning, hear the sound of hoofs, or ride on a wooden boat to see the panoramic view of snow mountains , then come to Lashi Lake. A famous poet Tao Yuanming once described the scene "at the time when sun sets, birds are coming back" which can be seen in Lashi Lake. Compared to the bright landscape of lakes and mountains, Lashi Lake is more like a scenery garden far away from the noisy crowd where people leisurely taste the savor of life. On 14 January 2017, International Wetland Park in Lashi Lake-- Lijiang Health and Vacation Resort of Oriental Waiora is officially listed. The family of Oriental Waiora is gradually developing and the people of it have a "home" to experience the vicissitudes of life and look at the blue sky, white clouds and flying birds!

In winter, Lashi Lake has a more blue sky and more fresh air. The beautiful natural scenery and the migrating birds playing on the surface of water, swamp and in mountains and forests attract more attention of the people of Oriental Waiora. A saying goes that while we can still walk, just walk to see the world." The family of Oriental Waiora come to there far away from the noisy city to enjoy the natural scenery, see different ethnic customs and appreciate the simple folk customs. All the people enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.