To carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, people deeply discuss the practical significance and social value of the culture of filial piety, promote the interconnection of industries and inherit and develop the culture of filial piety from the basis of harmony among individual, family and society, as well as deeply analyze Chinese dream and pension dream with the starting point of filial piety. The program Filial Piety Full of the World jointly held by Chinese Endowment Aging Development Foundation, Hongxiao Fund Management Committee, the Column of My Father and Mother and the Chinese Filial Piety Magazine, as well as jointly assisted by Jiangsu Oriental Waiora Health Technology Co. Ltd., SoLoMo Matrix System of Yunnan Working Group enters into Yunnan --- the public welfare forum of the Internet making the elderly live a more happy life was held in Kunming Boan Hotel on January 16, 2017 in Yunnan.

Many famous people attended this activity including Admiral Wu Fangchen who is the consultant of Hongxiao Fund Management Committee, Zhang Baosan who is the former Yunnan provincial Party committee, former deputy director of Yunnan Provincial People's Congress, Zhang Fudong who is deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of education, Zhou Yumin who is the former  commercial counsellor of Sierra Leone Embassy, Ye Zhaoyang who is the producer of the column My Father and Mother, a CCTV old story channel, chief editor of The Chinese Filial Piety Magazine and deputy director of Hongxiao Fund Management Committee, Tao Jinhai who is director of the Center for Retirement Research Institute of Chinese social management science and the deputy director of Hongxiao Fund Management Committee, and Pan Fuping who is deputy director of Hongxiao Fund Management Committee, Pan Chunwei who is the deputy director of Hongxiao Fund Management Committee, Shang Xuehong who is a professor at the Central Party school and  Secretary General of Hongxiao Fund Management Committee and so on. There are also participants such as cultural scholars, representatives of well-known entrepreneurs, performing arts star, media representatives with a total number of 500.

Zhang Fudong, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of education, said in his speech: the program Filial Piety Full of the World entering into Yunnan is made up of the filial piety culture on Internet forum in 2016 and Hongxiao Charity Night. The activities focus on the theme of promoting filial piety to build a happy dream pension and interconnecting industries to provide power to the great Chinese dream. He believes that the public welfare activities will promote the pension industry to develop faster and better.

During the day, the forum is divided into two parts. The forum was hosted by Yang Jin who is the host of the CCTV old story channel. The theme of the first part is "Chinese dream, pension dream, Hongxiao dream and industry dream”. Wu Fangchen, Ye Zhaoyang, Pan Fuping Hongxiao and Shang Xuehong express their views on the value of them and the relationship among them.

The second forum discussed "the culture of filial piety and Internet letting the old live a more happy life”. The attenders include Zhang Fudong, Tao Jinhai, Chen Aimin who is the author of a best-selling book Internet Plus, and chairman of Shanghai Haibei Enterprise Management Consultant Company Ltd. and Pan Chunwei.

To carry forward the culture of filial piety, this activity rewarded teams and individuals who have quietly made outstanding contributions to the cause of filial love. It added "advanced unit of Hongxiao public welfare" and "advanced individual of Hongxiao public welfare". After selection, the Internet Matrix System of SoLoMo Industry, Zhongyue Tourism Investment of Share Ltd in Shanghai, Yunnan Sunshine Tourism Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Haibei Enterprise Management Consultant Co. Ltd. won the "advanced unit of Hongxiao public welfare". More than a dozen of service staffs working for long time on various post from allover the country won “advanced individuals of Hongxiao public welfare".

In the evening, it held a charity dinner with the title of "Hongxiao Charity Night". At the same time, it held a charity auction on dinner and the proceeds would be donated to the charity project of filial love. Hongxiao Fund is guided by the Chinese Aging Development Foundation and jointly launched by many caring institutions in order to lead social entrepreneurs to providing a variety of free aid and filial piety activities to the old by the way of love support. Hongxiao fund is committed to public charity, spread the culture of filial love, care for the elderly’ happy life and advocate corporate and civics to shoulder their responsibilities so as to promote social harmony and progress.

During the event, many stars presented high quality programs with art troupe of Oriental Waiora; Jiangsu Oriental Waiora Health Technology Co. Ltd. respectively cooperated with institutions such as Zhongrong Asset Management Co and Guest Wine of Moutai Liquor Group.

Carrying forward the filial piety, inheriting culture through love, building a harmonious society and warming the world through love, the activity achieves the cooperation of cross-region, cross-industry and cross-border as well as interprets the thought and the true meaning of industry interconnection. Filial piety full of the world make the Chinese dream come true.