Oriental HuiLe made the strongest voice of the times, Hongxiao Fund was formally established

来源:Oriental HuiLe 作者:Oriental HuiLe 时间:2017-06-08

In order to sort out the development of Chinese filial piety culture and deeply explore the current situation of filial piety culture promotion and its influence on society, it analyzes the development trend of modern filial piety culture from the theory, exploring the way of its better service to the society. The ceremony for “Filial Conduct and Benevolent Conduct  Dream China” –2016 filial piety culture and Hongxiao Fund held by China aging development foundation, and “filial piety” was held on January 8, 2017 in CCTV Media Center.

Scene for the opening ceremony

Former vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee Bai LiChen, deputy director of NPC Zhu Wanyong, former political commissar of naval aviation of the Chinese people's liberation army Li Chunming, vice executive director of the China aging development foundation Yan Qingchun, former commercial counselor of Sierra Leone embassy Zhou Yumin, the chief producer of CCTV old story channel “My father and mother” Ye Chaoyang, director of Shuangchuang wisdom endowment center of China's social management institution Tao Jinhai, and many other guests attended the opening ceremony of Hongxia Fund. At the same time, there were about 300 people including cultural scholars, famous entrepreneur representatives, entertainers, and media representatives, etc. who attended it.

The scene for the first activity of filial piety culture BBS

The scene for the second activity of filial piety culture BBS

The scene for the third activity of filial piety culture BBS

Deputy executive director of China aging development foundation, Yan Qingchun, made a speech, “since the eighteenth congress, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed the inheritance and promotion of the Chinese excellent traditional culture several times. Filial piety culture is the root of traditional culture. It is the mission of our generation endowed by history to value and strengthen the inheritance, innovation, development, research, exploration, innovation and promotion of filial piety culture and it is also the inevitable result of the development of Chinese history and society. Hongxiao Fund is based on such a great background, great trend, great idea, as well as the historical sense of responsibility and sense of mission. We set up Hongxiao Fund to carry forward the Chinese filial piety culture for the purpose; in domestic and international platform, it carries out filial piety culture research, media, academic exchanges, exhibition display, filial piety culture spreading, filial piety culture performances, video data with the topic of filial piety culture; filial piety culture also promotes the harmonious development of society and economy, and create people’s happiness.

Deputy executive director of China aging development foundation, Yan Qingchun, made a speech.

During the day, in the site of BBS, “how to combine the dream of promoting filial piety, the dream of endowment and Chinese dream, jointly create filial home” was discussed. Tao Jinhai who is the deputy director of Hongxiao fund management committee of China aging development foundation and president of Jiangsu Oriental HuiLe Health Technology Co., LTD. participated in the discussion, and said that in order to make the country prosperous, it requires every citizen to have patriotism and dedication, and be able to friendly get along with good faith to conduct business, so as to promote national prosperity and social progress. He thinks the problem on the old has become a social problem, because it has a serious impact on the development of national economy in the future, and even it has become a national problem, affecting family harmony. To solve this problem, we must make effort from three aspects including state, society and citizen to solve this problem. Only integrating the three aspects of power and making efforts toward a common goal can achieve real socialist happiness of China dream, and the best way to mix is to take filial piety culture as core to build spiritual civilization.

President of Jiangsu Oriental HuiLe Health Technology Co., LTD, Tao Jinhai, attended the discussion.

As one of the co-founders of Hongxiao Fund, President Tao JjinHai thinks it will have important effect of establishing Hongxiao Fund, practicing Chinese filial piety, vigorously carrying forward the Chinese culture on the construction of China's political, economic, cultural, social, and ecological civilization. In the meantime of illustrating the effect, he also did a report on Hongxiao Fund. There should be six major achievements for the establishment of Fund. Firstly, Fund will be used to serve the old and aid lonely old men. Secondly, it will carry out voluntary activity of filial conduct, public welfare tour, culture leading. Thirdly, it will fund the construction of community endowment institution, with service for the old men. Fourthly, it should set the advanced individual, set an example, hold selection, and strengthen the social influence. Fifthly, it will construct a series of filial projects and make them implemented. Sixthly, with all personnel of filial piety in the world, it will expand public welfare, and improve public welfare brand, and call for more people to join in public welfare.

In the evening, Hongxiao Fund was formally announced to establish. The deputy director of national aging office and deputy executive director of the China aging development foundation, Yan Qingchun, is the director of Hongxiao fund management committee of China aging development foundation. The nave general Wu Fangchen, the former deputy director of the training department of central party school, Li Zhongyin, serves as the consultant of Hongxiao fund management. The chief producer of CCTV old story channel “My father and mother”, Ye Chaoyang, serves as the deputy director of Hongxiao fund management committee. The president of Jiangsu Oriental HuiLe Health Technology Co., LTD., Tao Jinhai and Pan Fuping, Yang Yuqin, Pan Chunwei serve as the deputy directors of Hongxiao fund management committee. Professor Shang Xuehong of the central party school serves as secretary-general. On the evening dinner, the charity auction was held at the same time, giving the money to public welfare projects of filial piety.

Oriental HuiLe as an old service agency is keen to public welfare, walking in the first line of public welfare, and uses its own actions to set up social public welfare brand. The establishment of Hongxiao Fund is the beginning for Oriental HuiLe formally to develop toward the public welfare platform, and also makes a good start for “filial conduct in Yunnan – public welfare festival that the Internet makes the old with happier life” on January 12. The activity in Yunnan will make many loving people and enterprises and institutions keen to public welfare gather to make a public welfare tour together with many stars, filial conduct, create dream for China!